Tahrir Lounge Goethe project


Who we are

The Tahrir lounge team was the first group of young talented energetic Egyptians working under the cultural agreement of the Goethe institute Cairo within the Transformation partnership projects funded by the German foreign ministry dedicated to support Egypt after the revolution established in April 2011.

The project vision

Our vision is a strong and tolerant community capable of taking appropriate decisions using knowledge and critical thinking. Besides being positively capable of generating creative energies, social and economic levels.

Our Message:

Proceeding from our deep faith in the values of freedom, knowledge and critical thinking and generating positive energy in our Egyptian community, the project adapt ideas and serious youth initiatives to serve and to develop all groups in the society, without discrimination toward any gender or religion or political affiliation. Since tolerance is one of the most important values, all the project activities reinforce mutual respect mythology between all community different groups.

The project mission and duties:

•Design an interactive program to enable the youth to know their rights and duties, and generate their positive energy.

•Spreading awareness on social, health and environmental levels using civic education methodology in the project activities from seminars, workshops, plays etc.

•Provide youth with proper expressing tools to practice their right of expression through a wide variety workshops such as (Photography, Painting and Caricature) along    with organizing Exhibition to present their artistic works. Adding to that workshops about (cultural Journalism, Writing short stories)

About us:

Tahrir Lounge Goethe is a platform for all - Standing at the same distance from all society actors - as it is a focal point to convergence of views helping to link all the parties with strong networks to facilitate civic participation.The project raises different topics for discussion, and simplifies the information to be delivered to different community sectors; therefore, to create a state of social


The project also works on building an effective personality in each citizen, to make each individual the essence to fight corruption in all its forms, to build a better community taking advantage of all the human energy possible after the 25th Jan and 30 June revolutions.


Cinema workshop


Tahrir Lounge Goethe organizes “Cinema workshop”, in collaboration with Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival, to introduce directing and script writing principles for young filmmakers, in the framework of Luxor Festival activities. Director Ahmed Abdullah will conduct the workshop during 3 days starting from 25 January 2015.

Anyone who is interested in learning cinema techniques has the opportunity to apply for the workshop; especially those form Luxor governorate and its adjacent areas. You can apply via contacting Luxor Festival and Tahrir Lounge Goethe.    

The workshop is supposed to start in Sunday 25th January for three days ends in Tuesday 27th January, While Luxor Festival starts its activities in Saturday 24th till 31st January.

Director Ahmed Abdullah starts his career in cinema via participating in the montage of different commercial films, then he started to make different kind of films that speak of real characters without depending on big budget or well-known celebrates.

Abdullah presented two important films “Heliopolis” and “Microphone” that were able to achieve major success. Microphone was awarded the prestigious award the Golden Tanit in Carthage film festival in October 2010.

Tahrir Lounge Goethe project was founded three years ago on April 7th, 2011 by the German government. The project aims at developing youth creative skills in various activities, including film making and script writing.